About Us

About Us

     Ridecals® has developed and patented the concept and process of applying “wrap vinyl” accent pieces,  decals, or stickers, to your wheels to add personality and color to your ride. Our product is designed and cut to fit your original equipment, (O.E.) factory wheels and is made to exacting specifications from a special vinyl which adheres to and conforms to multiple contours and wheel finishes.

This patented product and process allows Ridecals® to provide our customers with a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty when installed by a certified Ridecals® installer.  A certified Ridecals® installer may be available in your area. Whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV, the best way to personalize your ride is with Ridecals®. Ridecals® patent and design skills were born from 40 years of automotive graphics experience with back 2 back 1st place national awards for automotive graphics design and installation.

Market Leader

Ridecals® are much more than an automotive accessory. We have revolutionized the automotive accessory business by creating a new category, not just a new product. With over 750 vehicle specific applications with over 65 color options. We continue to produce new exclusive designs and product offerings that add color to your O.E. wheels, rims or wheel covers. Ridecals® has become the leading provider of custom vinyl wheel enhancements for high-end automotive manufacturers such as Aston Martin, BMW, Corvette, Cadillac, Infiniti, Lexus, Maserati, and the list goes on. 

Industry Leader

Ridecals® has also received industry recognition for our patented products for Chevrolet, Dodge, Hyundai, KIA, Mazda, Subaru, Ford, Ram, and others. Unlike other inexpensive imported colored vinyl, RIDECALS® uses a far superior AUTOMOTIVE WRAP GRADE vinyl from vinyl wrap specialists like 3M, Avery-Dennison, and Oracal.  This allows for ease of re-positioning during installation without ripping or stretching the wheel accents. Ridecals® wheel accents will not leave damaging adhesive when or if you should decide to remove them.

Genuine Products/Custom Design

Additionally, Ridecals® wheel accent kits all come with a minimum of 2 extra accent pieces to allow for a margin of error in installation. All authentic Ridecals® wheel accent kits are branded with the Ridecals® trademark to assure you are receiving genuine patented Ridecals® parts. The Vinyl is cut from our custom-designed templates to be an exact fit for your factory wheels. Ridecals® wheel kits may also be special ordered for your custom aftermarket wheels. We are proud to say that all Ridecals® are manufactured on the West Coast at our facility in Tacoma, Washington in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.


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