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Ridecals® Vinyl
‘Rim Stickers’
Are truly a unique Automotive Accessory!


Customize your ride. Color your rims.


The ‘Rim Sticker’ of Choice

   Ridecals®  ‘Rim Stickers’ allow you to customize your wheels with color!

Just how do you pronounce the name? It is really a play on the words ride (for your vehicle), and decals, (wheel stickers). Smash RIDE & DECALS together, and you get, RIDECALS®! (pronounced Ri’-decals) . So, Ridecals® by any other name, whether wheel stickers or wheel decals, rim stickers or rim stripes or wheel stripes, are still Ridecals®, the originals.

 We have patented the concept and process for applying wrap vinyl (this vinyl is the same kind used to do full or partial vehicle wraps) to your wheels to add personality and color to your ride.  Ridecals® are the original. A truly unique accessory for your car or truck. A new accessory category, Ridecals® are an art form in themselves. There will always be imitators but nothing is close to the original Ridecals® ‘Rim Sticker’ product. No matter what you call them, we were the first to market these wheel enhancements. You can call them rim stickers, wheel decals, wheel stickers or wheel accents but whatever you call them they are beautiful. Want to know more about Ridecals® rim stickers? Visit our ‘About’ page to learn the details of this amazing product!

But remember, whatever you call them, whatever name you use, whether Rim stickers, Wheel stripes or Wheel decals, they are still Ridecals®, the one and only original wheel accent!

Todays Drivers are Crazy About Their Wheels

     Many drivers today would like some way to enhance their OE factory wheels with wheel decals or wheel stickers in the color of their choice. Well now you can! With more than 65 color choices available you will able to customize those wheels with color. We have the most user friendly custom wheel stickers on the planet!

You can easily install them yourself. To find your wheel take a look at our “Your Wheel” page to see if we already have what you are looking for. If you don’t find “Your Wheel”, please give us a call @844-700-3400 and we’ll do our best to make the one you need.

So what if you have custom wheels? It may be possible for Ridecals® to customize a set of our beautiful wheel accessories for your ride!

While it may take some time and therefore a may cost a little more, we may be able to create a one off, custom set of Ridecals® for you! We will need good pictures of your wheel, manufacturer, wheel size and all contact information. (you can use this form to provide that information)

Many Names for “Wheel Stickers”

     It’s hard to know what people call such adornments. There are many terms that are used for wheel decorations. Some car enthusiasts just want a little extra color but don’t even know what to ask for. Here at Ridecals® we call ’em ‘Wheel Decals’, as the name implies.

But others use names like, ‘Wheel Sticker’, ‘Wheel Stickers’, ‘Wheel stripes’, or even ‘Decals for Wheels’. Some call them ‘Wheel Strips’, ‘Wheel Decals’, or one of many other names. Some people even call them custom car stickers. Whatever you call them, we call them ‘Beautiful!’

Ridecals® Is the Industry Leader!

     Ridecals® is the leading manufacturer of custom vinyl Wheel Stickers. There are many aftermarket products available today but few really original accessories. They come in many shapes and sizes, but Ridecals® is the original. There are a few imitators but they all miss the mark by a wide margin. Available for many high end autos such as Aston Martin, BMW, Corvette, Cadillac, Infiniti, Lexus, Maserati and the list goes on. Ridecals® has achieved industry recognition for our customization products for Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Ram, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda and others.

     If you would like more information or just need an answer to a simple question, please  get in touch so we can help you find the right custom wheel stickers for your ride.

    Please take your time to look around the site to see the many (65 and counting) color choices and the different make and model applications for most domestic and foreign cars on the market today. Check out the Gallery Page while you’re here to see many of the fine projects we’ve completed.

What About Colors?

We have a page for that too. Our color chart is an extensive array of 66 and counting colors that cover a broad spectrum of possibilities. We may even have a very close match for your ride. However some are not trying to match colors at all but are going for a different look by trying a contrasting color which can lend an air of excitement! We have made it possible for you to ‘Try before you buy’, so to speak. Since there is a 50% restocking fee on all of our Rim Sticker products you may like to order a set of color samples to test before you buy the full product kit. That way you can see exactly what you will be paying for before you commit to a buying decision. And speaking of ‘Color’, when was the last time you ever saw an automotive accessory that comes in 65+ colors?

     And remember that if you do not find the wheel stickers you are looking for, the particular make or model, just give us a call @  (844) 700-3400 or use the contact page to send us your request for a new part number or just for more information, we’ll be glad you did!

Thank you for visiting and we hope you come again …

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